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After a life full of Selfless Service to our Country, State and Community, and due to the fact that our State's political system is currently in such turmoil and disarray, I have felt the call to duty to serve once again in the State Capital. It is with deep thought and consideration as well as great enthusiasm that I am formally entering the Special Election Race and announcing my candidacy for Oklahoma State Senate, District 45.

The state's budget negotiations are a joke. Our Teachers are underpaid and underappreciated.  Our State's Public Education System is one of the lowest ranking in the U.S. We are constantly the butt end of a joke in the national media as of late and our elected officials at the State Capital are resigning in disgrace. Old and failed ideology and political dogma have allowed Super Majorities in both Chambers and control of the Executive Branch in the State Capital to have brought the situation to the catastrophic state that we have found ourselves in over the last few years and if we as every day citizens do not act quickly, then it only stands to get even worse. 

Elected Officials are supposed to be Representatives who make the best decisions not only for the constituents of their district, but also for the people of the State of Oklahoma as a whole. Over the course of the last 7 years, the members of this Supermajority haven't done the work of the people of Oklahoma and yet earn a taxpayer funded salary for resolving and accomplishing nothing of real substance. The current state political climate seems to have turned to that of selfish politicians who serve Corporate Interests and themselves to include a select few who seem to have pocketed tens of thousands in campaign funds or others getting caught with their pants down almost literally in other cases that once again draw the ire and embarrassment of the rest of the political world. 

It's time for change in Oklahoma and it's time to get back to doing the hard work of the people. Oklahoma needs a regular everyday citizen who has experienced hardships and the everyday citizen who can relate to the day to day struggles of the majority of the people from the state of Oklahoma. Someone whose children are currently in the State's Public Education System and has a personally vested interest and commitment to ensuring the right things get done. Someone who works hard and pays taxes and has "skin in the game" so to say. Oklahoma City is my home and with my background in selfless service, hard work, dedication, going the extra mile and working to task completion and standard rather than whatever time the clock or calendar date reads, I plan to be a vessel of that change here in the state of Oklahoma.  And with your vote and support we can get this done! 

Good luck to all and I'll see you in the trenches. 




Wednesday, June 7, 2017 8:00 PM

Noah Enters the Race

Noah enters the Race for Oklahoma State Senate District 45 by filing candidate fee and paperwork at the Oklahoma State Capital!


Committee to Elect Noah Ynclan
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